Our desire is to

Provide the highest level of expert management.

Our property management team is focused on serving tenants in our properties and providing building owners with the most economical means to do so. We take pride in providing the highest level of service to our tenants. We have been managing commercial properties for over 40 years.

We currently manage a portfolio of over 720,000 SF in the west Milwaukee suburbs. Our properties include retail, office, and industrial.

Our property management philosophy is to maintain the highest standard of building standards while doing so at a lower than market cost.

Building owners who have used our services experience lower overall costs of management while not having to experience the day-to-day management of owning a commercial building.

  • Tenants experience the highest level of service in the area
    • 24-hour emergency on call
    • Lowest NNN in the market
    • Scheduled service to avoid unexpected maintenance
    • First call plowing and salting
    • Professional landscape maintenance
  • Owners
    • Hands free building ownership
    • Lease and contract management
    • Satisfied tenants who renew their leases
    • Low vacancy rates
    • Lease negotiation assistance
    • Real estate financing consultation